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Camp Programs & Activities

Entering Nursery, Pre-K, & Kindergarten

“This is the most fun ever!”

Our youngest campers enjoy action-packed days filled with self-discovery in magical surroundings – a nurturing environment that focuses on each individual camper.

Our authentic, scaled-down sports facilities enable even our youngest campers to feel the success and confidence that comes with the thrill of hitting a home run or slam dunking a basketball. All of our early childhood specialty programs like art, cooking, ceramics, science, and pioneering engage a camper’s tactile experience while promoting the use of their various senses all directed at enhancing and complimenting their gross and fine motor skills. Our age-appropriate adventure challenges, Red Cross swimming program, and interactive play allow your child to take risks and complete each day with a feeling of accomplishment. We recognize for our campers the importance of play and the impact it has on them. Like Mister Rogers said, “For children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

Whether you choose our full day (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM) or mini-day program (9:00 AM – 2:00 PM – Nursery and Pre-K only), your child will get to experience all the amazing activities Ramapo has to offer.

That’s why our youngest campers learn, grow, and have the most fun ever!

Entering 1st & 2nd Grade

“Wow … This is so real!”

Real Sports. Real Challenges. Real Arts. Real Fun. These are what keep our Junior Campers excited during the day and dreaming of camp at night. In today’s society overloaded with computers, tablets, and technology, we provide our campers with authentic facilities and create programs that enhance a camper’s tactile experience. This exceptional program takes place in a relaxed environment based on social interaction, trying new activities, and friendly controlled competition that develops self-confidence and promotes success.

Junior Campers enjoy a high-energy program balancing sports, instructional Red Cross swimming, creative and performing arts, science, adventure, and interactive play. The combination of these programs helps our campers develop their gross motor skills, and equally important, promotes the use of their fine motor skills and critical thinking abilities. Our Junior Camp Program enables our campers to be challenged every day and helps them to explore and broaden their imagination. Second Graders can even choose some of their own activities during their Focus time – part of the Ramapo commitment to provide programs that evolve to meet our campers’ development. We believe that by giving our campers real experiences, we provide them the opportunity to grow … inside and out.

Entering 3rd & 4th Grade

“I never tried that before!”

Our program for campers entering 3rd and 4th Grades bursts with so many different activities to try, a countless number of choices to make, and an array of new facilities designed just for their age group.

This exceptional program is the bridge between our Junior and Senior Camp Programs. Our campers fill their day with the perfect balance of pre-programmed activities that WE CHOOSE and we know they love along with elective choices that THEY CHOOSE and they know they love. In addition to the fun of designing part of their own schedule, the Elective Program introduces a co-ed environment where campers can specialize in activities that they enjoy most as well as meet other campers from different groups within their grade which fosters new friendships based on their common interests.

Our campers will experience new challenges at our high adventure course, explore their various creative art talents at our comprehensive art complex, test their technological savvy at Robotics, try their slight of hand at Magic, and be exposed to the wonders of science. They can also choose to take part in the thrilling competition of our Sports League or have the chance to get on stage and perform in our camp play.

This program helps our campers become more independent, to understand the importance of choice and good decision-making, and opens up a world of new friendships, new experiences and new activities they never would have tried before only to find out how much fun they can have as well as excel.

Entering 5th – 8th Grade

“Is it really my choice?”

You bet it is! Imagine … what better way to enjoy your day than plan it yourself? And that’s exactly what our Senior Campers do. In their very technologically connected structured lives, Ramapo’s Senior Campers get to unplug for the summer, make spontaneous decisions in their daily option periods, and specialize in their weekly elective programs. Our Senior Campers have the opportunity to choose the activities they enjoy most by customizing their day. Senior Campers get to experience it all by doing it all!

Whether your child wants to be part of a team that makes it to the Sports League finals or star in a magical Broadway-like musical, the choice is theirs. Maybe they’d rather race through the hairpin turns on our dirt track, decorate cupcakes like a master chef at cooking, learn to build a robot, or get a chance to assist the counselors of our youngest campers in “Leadership Training.” The choice is theirs.

Senior Camp is all about choices – giving campers the opportunity to explore, grow and challenge themselves individually and within a group. It’s all part of growing up and there’s no better place to do it than at Ramapo.


“Look at me . . . I can swim!”

At Ramapo, summertime means Swimming. What better way to spend your summer days than in the pool! With four age-appropriate, heated swimming pools and certified instructors following the American Red Cross Swim Program, it’s no wonder that by the end of the summer all of our campers have become better swimmers.

But our Swim Program is more than just fun in the sun. It builds confidence and self-esteem; skills and technique. It turns “I’m scared of the water!” into “Look at me . . . I can swim!”

And that’s why no other camp beats Ramapo – in and out of the water.


“I’m ready to play!”

The crack of the bat… The dribbling of basketballs… The swish of the racquet… The cheering of the crowd… At Ramapo, these are the sounds of summer. And that’s why we put everything we have into making our Sports Program one of the finest in the country. To start, every sport is run by a Specialist and each and every game is specifically designed for kids. Scaled-down, authentic playing fields, custom-sized equipment, and a series of age-appropriate games guarantee success for every camper. Regardless of experience or skill level, our sports program enables your child to leave the field, the court, or the rink with a sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem.

Swish… Crack… Dribble… “SCORE!” These are the sounds of summer at Ramapo!

Sports Challenge

Sports Challenge is a part of the schedule for first and second grade. It addresses competition in a friendly and controlled environment. Sports Challenge allows any group to play against another group within their grade in a variety of sports. It’s a great way to open the door to competition while teaching sportsmanship – because at Ramapo, it’s all about “how you play the game!”

Sports League

Sports League (for third grade and up) is the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and MLS all rolled into one! Campers looking for serious competition can join Sports League during their elective time and play on a team that will have actual league standings, coaches, playoffs, all-star games, and championship rings.


“I made it with my own two hands!”

Ramapo is about imagination and ingenutiy – giving campers the freedom to discover who they are and what they can be. And there’s no better way to do this than in our Creative and Performing Arts, Science, and Ingenuity Programs – the perfect environment for our campers to explore their creativity, artistic potential, and inventiveness.

When it comes to hands-on experiences, Ramapo offers a wide spectrum of programs. From crafts, woodworking, ceramics, cooking, music, drama, and dance to science, magic, robotics, tech, and more, all the projects are carefully selected to excite and challenge our campers.

Ramapo gives campers the opportunity to discover the artist and inventor within by engaging their endless creativity, ingenuity, and imagination. There really is no place like it!


“I can do anything!”

All it takes is a little courage and a journey through our amazing Outdoor Adventure Program for campers to discover the wonders within themselves and the world around them. Climbing… Jumping… Flying… Driving… Exploring… It’s all about adventure and fun as our campers find that their abilities have no limits. Climbing our authentic rock wall; jumping on bungee trampolines; pioneering through the outdoors; learning teamwork through our initiative games and ropes course; experiencing thrills and chills on our zip-lines, go-carts, and mountain bikes. Ramapo is a world of adventure, challenges, and exploration. Adventure and Self-Discovery – It’s the Ramapo Way.


“Let’s go down the big yellow slide!”

Let’s Play!… Get ready to run, jump, climb, slide, twist, and turn your way through all of Ramapo’s amazing Interactive Play Areas. Our campers use their boundless energy and imaginations to explore, build, and create a world of fun and adventure, where THEY make the decisions. Our campers have the opportunity to socialize and spend time sharing and growing while interacting with other campers in their group.

The Ramapo Interactive Play Areas are not just “playgrounds.” They have been specially designed by us to provide an extraordinary play experience.


Horseback Riding

“I can’t wait to go again!”

It’s another adventure, another exciting experience, and another chance to try something new! Campers entering second grade and up have the option to take English-style riding lessons right on the Ramapo grounds. One-on-one instruction enables campers to become good equestrians by understanding how a horse behaves as well as learning about the equipment and its purpose. Campers are guided through lessons in our instructional riding rings and on Ramapo’s private trails while building responsibility and taking pride in their accomplishments. All campers are provided with approved riding helmets and boots. In additon to riding, campers may select Horse Care during their elective or focus time to further enhance their knowledge by caring for horses at our stables. “Giddyup,” “Whoa,” “Click Click” – this is the language of an adventure your child will always remember.

Special Events

“I can’t wait for Carnival Day!”

Each week Ramapo gears up for a major camp-wide special event. All campers participate in the fun and excitement of our weekly extravaganza…


Color War




Theme Days

Water Day

and much more!